The Preserve Digital Ohio team selected these vendors to highlight because of their ability to offer affordable digital preservation services to small institutions. Affordable is used relative to other digital preservation services, we recognize that these options are out-of-reach for some institutions. For those who can afford to budget for digital preservation, these vendors may be able to offer solutions to meet your needs.


AVPreserve is a firm that provides services and develops software for digital preservation. Many of the resources they develop are freely available from their website. Some particular items of interest:

  • Cloud Storage Vendor Profiles — Evaluations of cloud-hosted storage and preservation systems.
  • Fixity — A light-weight software utility for documentation and regular review of stored files.


ArchivesDirect is a hosted service from Duraspace and Artefactual Systems. Using Archivematica, subscribers can preserve digitized and born-digital content, including images, text files, office documents, PDF files, audio and video files, and more. Archivematica will create Archival Information Packages which are stored in Amazon’s AWS storage service. Content undergoes periodic fixity check to ensure no corruption or degradation has occurred.

ArchivesDirect also offers a Digital Preservation Assessment service. You will be assisted in assessing your readiness for digital preservation and planning digital preservation workflows. A trial instance of Archivematica is also provided.


DuraCloud makes preserving and archiving your content simple. With one click, you can easily make as many copies of your content as you’d like and store those copies with several different cloud storage providers through one web-based interface where you can view all of that content. DuraCloud integrates directly with cloud storage providers, so you can choose among ways to administer and distribute your content, without the overhead of doing it yourself. DuraCloud also has ways to keep your copies automatically synced and to perform fixity checks.

MetaArchive Cooperative

The MetaArchive Cooperative is a community-owned, community-led initiative comprised of libraries, archives, and other digital memory organizations. Working cooperatively members, along with partners, have created a secure and cost-effective repository that provides for the long-term care of digital materials. Members actively participate in the preservation of their own content, working together for the greater good. The MetaArchive Cooperative offers various levels of memberships based on participation in shared governance. In addition to the membership fee, there is a variable cost based on how much digital content you store ($0.59/GB/Year as of March 17, 2016)–this variable rate is adjusted as hardware costs decrease.